Read the Us TOO October Hotsheet

Click here to read these short Hotsheet articles:

  • Prostate cancer Screening Has No Effect on Overall Mortality
  • LDR Brachytherapy Beneficial in High-Risk Prostate Cancer
  • Nuclear Pore Proteins May Be Effective Anticancer Targets for PCa
  • PSA Testing Initiation and Shared Decision-Making
  • Clinical Utility of Total Length Gleason Pattern 4 on Biopsy
  • Doc Moyad’s No Bogus Science: “No Safe Level of Alcohol?! What!?!
  • Men’s Eating and Living (MEAL) Study (CALGB 70807 Alliance)
  • Long-Term Outcomes After Deferred RP with Initial AS Treatment
  • Impact of Family History of Cancer on Risk and Mortality of Second Cancers
  • Experts Find Flaw in Prostate Cancer PET Imaging Technique
  • Prostate Cancer Radiotherapy Effective Long-Term
  • Obese Prostate Cancer Patients Do Worse After RP
  • SBRT Appears Effective for Oligometastatic Prostate Cancer
  • Test Panel Shows 94% Accuracy in Detecting Aggressive PCa
  • Doctor Chodak’s Bottom Line

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